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We make event tracking and event analytics easy with multiple formats of reports -- delivered via the platform or your mobile device. Not only do you have access to our built in reports, but our customizable reporting engine allows you to design, view, and export out ad hoc reports (for any show or comparison across multiple events).

Value Proposition:
  • 30+ standard reports / custom reports
  • Real-time analytics available through your mobile device
  • Multiple comparison reports
  • Ad hoc reporting engine
  • Consolidated platform
  • Single view of the customer
  • Integrated membership management provides single sign-on capabilities, integrating directly with your organization’s website
  • Easy pre-designed reports for booth traffic by day, hour, region, country and more available from our Lead Management portal.

When a concerned event stake-holder comes up and says, “I haven’t see even 50 people here!” and you have a data-driven response like, “Well, looking at this, I can tell you we’ve printed 440 badges on-site,” it’s worth the whole platform! And once you give executives the login to view real-time analytics, it’s HUGE.

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